Episode 166

Creating a Winning Mindset | Guest: Chuck Knight - PD, WINK, Fort Myers

When it comes to winning radio stations, few compare to Chuck Knight. Those who know him consider him the Master of All Formats.

Chuck's a 9-time Marconi Award winner, was named one of Radio Inks Best programmers 7 times, and has an impressive roster of other awards.

He’s perhaps best known for his 11-year stretch at Philly AC “B101” WBEB, teaming with the legendary Jerry Lee. Earlier, He programmed CHR at Saga’s Q102, Des Moines, then was promoted to their Columbus cluster where he programmed AC at Sunny 95 and oversaw their  Classic Hits & Smooth Jazz brands.

After a run as iHeartRadio's Regional Senior VP of Programming for the Austin/San Antonio region, he is now programming another noted station, WINK in Florida’s teeming Fort Myers/Naples market.

Key points you won't want to miss:

(01:58) Chuck shares his recipe take TODAY to create a top-rated, award-winning radio brand?

(04:20) After working and WINNING with multiple formats in small, medium, large and major markets, Chuck shares some of the common traits at PD needs to coach a radio team to win in any format, at any level.

(05:49) To win as much, and as long as Chuck has, clearly he has high standards for on-air performers…whether in-house, live or voice-tracked. He reveals what he looks for FIRST when considering a new on-air candidate.

(13:33) Chuck offers suggestions for OMs or even cluster managers to consider first as they undertake the evolving challenge of juggling a short-staffed media cluster.

(15:42) Among your awards is one for Community-based Website of the Year. As our industry focuses more on Branded Media Content, and not just “radio”, Chuck points out the content he values most in making a local radio brand relevant in the online space.

One-Minute Martinizing - Preparing for Clarity

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