Episode 1002

Whisper to a Scream: 2 Dynamic Factors to Create Epic Impact ( from A Radio Legend You Should Know)

It was a shocking blow to the entertainment industry. Iconic voiceover talent, Nick Michaels, bid farewell to the world on May 26, 2018, and radio branding hasn’t been the same since.

Five Years later, the vocal prowess that could make hearts flutter and goosebumps rise, demonstrates not only that Nick was a true force to be reckoned with, but beyond his captivating voice, it's the valuable lessons he left behind that continue to resonate with many.

Nick rose to fame in the late 1970s, captivating audiences with his dulcet tones on local radio. His talent propelled him to television, where his voice became synonymous with trust and reliability in commercials and movie trailers, some of which are heard in this episode.

Despite his fame, Nick always remained down-to-earth, leaving a lasting impact on colleagues. He generously shared his wisdom, becoming a mentor to aspiring voice actors. Nick's legacy reminds us that true greatness extends beyond talent, encompassing the ability to inspire and nurture others. His unwavering passion encourages us to pursue our dreams wholeheartedly, striving for excellence in every endeavor we undertake.

As we mark the 5th anniversary of his passing, let us honor Nick Michaels by embracing our passions, uplifting others, and relentlessly pursuing excellence. For in doing so, we keep his spirit alive and inspire a new generation tofollow in his footsteps, leaving your own indelible mark on the world of media, and radio -- whatever it may become.

Next time, we return with TOP 10 MORNING SHOW COACH, STEVE REYNOLDS!

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