Episode 185

Radio Excellence Unleashed: Steve Reynolds Cracks the Code in 5 Steps

Steve Reynolds is a renowned radio talent coach focusing on Top 10 Talent.

With a career that started in the 1990s, he has worked his way up from on-air positions to programming and management roles at notable stations including the legendary WRAL.

In 2001, he established the Reynolds Group, offering innovative strategies and assistance to top shows and stations across the country.

In this episode, Steve unveils ways to conquer the fear of change and embrace it, as the world is constantly evolving. He emphasizes the importance of staying relevant and updated, encouraging radio shows to constantly adapt and modernize their content to maintain a connection with their audience.

Steve also offers some interesting ways for you to become multimedia stars, with a presence on TV, social media, and of course, within the community,

Steve has also written for major media publications, and regularly speaks at industry events.

Time-Stamped Highlights:

(01:58) Steve shares some of the biggest opportunities for local radio hosts and stations today, as the industry reacts to current conditions.

(05:01) The question is never how to make mistakes, but rather, how to avoid them. Steve identifies some of the most common and suggests ways to avoid them.

(07:23) If you'd like to keep up with changing trends in the radio industry and stay ahead of the curve, Steve has some interesting insights.

(10:41) Steve shows some Top 10 Market strategies for building and maintaining an audience in today's competitive radio landscape, and how they can be done in ANY market.

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